Virgil Hawkins Historical Society Inc

African American Struggles Near Gainesville, FL

Our Proposed Monument Honors the Life of a Civil Rights Hero, and Today’s Ongoing African American Struggles

The Virgil Hawkins Historical Society continues the fight for a monument that recognizes Hawkins’ courage and determination in the struggle for racial equality, and the continued struggles that African Americans still face today in higher education. In February of 1994, Mr. Harley Scott Herman, the courageous and unconventional lawyer who fought on Virgil Hawkins’ behalf, stated in a 1994 New York Times article:  

“Getting the history of the civil rights period preserved is far more important than any case I could handlePeople who know of that history could well become the Hawkinses and Howards who are needed in every generation. That’s why it’s so important.”  

Our organization is dedicated to carrying forward Mr. Herman’s mission, which is why black non-profit organizations like ours need your continued support for a monument on the UF campus honoring this civil rights hero, who paved the way for continued progress through the African American struggles that still exist today. Find out how you can help by inquiring today about volunteer opportunities at the Virgil Hawkins Historical Society.  

Your Support for Black Non-Profit Organizations is Support for Preserving Important History

Since 2013, University of Florida students, many of whom are part of the first generation of African Americans to attend the university, have been pushing for the approval of a monument honoring Mr. Hawkins’ relentless 9-year fight for equality in Florida higher education. The personal mission of our organization is to bring education and awareness to the state about its significant civil rights history, which is why we aim to gather enough support to make the Virgil Hawkins Integration Monument a reality. Our non-for-profit status means that we rely solely on public support for projects that bring much-needed awareness to the struggles African Americans faced during Hawkins’ time and are still facing today, which is why we invite you to sign our petition to support the building of this monument.  

Learn More about our Volunteer Opportunities

You can help us raise awareness and gather support for this important monument, and for other African American issues facing the entire nation, by volunteering for the Virgil Hawkins Historical Society. Contact us to learn more about how you can
get involved. 

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