Virgil Hawkins Historical Society Inc

About us

The Virgil Hawkins Historical Society, Inc. is a 501c3  non-profit, volunteer-based organization that works to preserve and educate about Virgil Hawkins and Florida’s largely forgotten civil rights history. We support the efforts of minority students at the University of Florida and other colleges and universities including the almost decade-long effort by UF students for a monument located where all UF students, faculty and visitors will see it, to honor Virgil Hawkins and the first African-American students whose presence on campus even when they were not welcome and their lives after graduation demonstrated the value of these students to Florida and our nation. Their multi-decade fight against discrimination is worthy of honor and visible, public recognition. The witnesses to the history of this fight for Civil Rights and justice are vanishing as age and illness claims their time to share their memories with us.  


The Virgil Hawkins Historical Society serves as a means to both preserve that history, promote current Civil Rights efforts and provide a means for those who wish to extend this education by programs and presentations, to have the records of this history and speakers with first-hand knowledge of this history to enrich history programs in Florida and across this nation. 

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